“I had been to the medical doctor numerous times for injury and pain – none of the medications prescribed helped. I have suffered with symptoms of arthritis for a while, with particular pain in my hips. On my first visit with Dr. Nathan I found instant relief of pain and a burning sensation. Upon several treatments, I am now able to return to activities I enjoy with noticeable freedom of pain. I believe Dr. Nathan has helped me a great deal and with an adjustment from time to time he will keep me on track. Thanks Dr. Nathan!” – Raymond W.

“Since Integrity Health Centers has opened, I have been a patient since day one. I used to have horrible headaches, which affected my daily activities and would often prohibit me from getting a good night’s sleep. The chiropractic care that Dr. Mulanax provided alleviated my headaches and for that reason, I will continue my relationship with Integrity Health Centers.” – Kim R.

“When I first came to the office, I couldn’t stand up straight. After the first visit I felt much better, now after several visits I’m so much better. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” – Tammy M.

“I came to Dr. Mulanax with really bad neck pain and lower back pain. With the first adjustment Dr. Mulanax relieved the pain. I feel so much better. After a fall which resulted in knee pain, Dr. Mulanax adjusted my knee and relieved all the pain. I feel better than I have in years. I recommend Dr. Mulanax for anyone. He definitely helped me, and daily activities are doubled now.” – Cheryl R.

“I have been a patient at Integrity Health Centers for some time and I am very pleased with Dr. Mulanax. He has helped me tremendously. After he helped me with my low back pain, I referred my husband to Dr. Mulanax and he was amazed after his first visit. Dr. Mulanax relieved his knee and low back pain. We are very satisfied with his care and treatments. They always work with our busy schedules and get us in for an appointment right away. I recommend him to everyone.” – Jane B.

“I started seeing Dr. Mulanax for my low back pain and in a few treatments I was feeling better. After completing my treatments, my back pain was gone and has not returned. I am glad I was referred to Integrity Health Centers and would certainly recommend Dr. Mulanax to anyone having a problem.” – Robert M.

“My hip was out of place. I could hardly walk without strong pain. Over 6-8 visits, Nathan put it back into its spot and I feel a ton better. I can actually sit, walk, and run without pain. The first visit was the most important because I was hurting so bad, but by the time I left I could walk without pain and I could walk straight. Thank you Dr. Nathan.” – Tonya E.

“I have been going to Nathan for over a month now. I had severe leg pain and after the 1<sup>st</sup> treatment I was pain free and I have remained so. How wonderful it has been and how exciting to find a doctor who knew right away where the problem was.” – Thelma F.

“Dr. Mulanax is very thorough in his examination. He adjusted my hip and neck and I felt so much better. I had a headache when I went in and after I returned to work I realized that it was gone. He also gave me pointers on how to help my hip to build up the muscle to relieve the pain. It was a very enjoyable adjustment. I will use him again.” – Chris H.

“I have had lower back pain for some time now. I decided to go see Dr. Mulanax to see if he could help with the pain. He explained what the problem was in detail, with visuals aids that even I could understand. By the time he was through working on my back it felt better. By the next day, I felt 100% better. Now I go see him whenever I need “straightening” and would recommend anyone who has problems no matter how small to drop in to Dr. Mulanax’s office to see how much better he can make them feel.” – Chris C.

“When I started going to Dr. Mulanax I was having bouts of back pain along with the pain of fibromyalgia. Nathan has continued to provide me with relief for both of these conditions. He asks questions to see what problems I am having, some that I never would have thought related to my spine. I am very happy with the care that I receive and have recommended others to go see Dr. Nathan to find the relief from issues they have.” – Lori S.

“Before I found Integrity Health Centers, I had a lot of neck and lower back pain but Dr. Mulanax has given me relief from the discomfort and pain – he is wonderful. He and Anna are very friendly and always work around my schedule. I would recommend them to anyone. You guys rock!” – Molly M.

“I’ve been going to Integrity Health for about a year now. The staff is always friendly and very helpful. Appointments are quick and easy. Since going, I’ve had a decrease in back pain and headaches which has made a huge difference for me. I recommend using Integrity to all my family and friends.” Rachel A.